ATACAM CNC Routers for Aerospace, Woodworking, Plastics

Model AR3-3015

This new range of affordable ATACAM CNC Routers from ATA Engineering offers the same high quality build that you come to expect from a company that has been supplying CNC’s for over 20 years along with the support and technical back up.

Standard sizes: 8 x 4, 10 x 5, 3m x 2m (Special sizes available on request)
Standard Features: HSD HSK Spindles, Rotary ATC, Location Pins, Tool Digitizer.

3 and 4 Axis machines in stock. Call us today to arrange a Demonstration!

ATACAM CNC Router : Model AR303015
Technical Specification:
Axis’s 3 Axis and 4 Axis Moving Gantry
Bed Sizes 8 x 4, 10 x 5, 3M x 2M. Special sizes available on request
Controller Custom ATACAM 20A Control with Touch Screen
Command code G code
Computer interface Ethernet, USB
Table Nemi Type Vacuum table (Pod Compatible) c/w Dry Vane Vacuum Pump
Tool Measuring Auto Tool Digitiser 
Tool Holders HSK63F ER32
Repositioning resolution 0.02mm
Board Location Pins 2 on X Axis, 3 on Y Axis
X-Y movement Helical Rack, Gear drive
Z movement Anti Backlash Ball screw, 200mm Gantry Clearance.
Guide Linear ¢25 square
Max. speed 60,000mm/min
Max. cutting speed 30,000mm/min
Spindle power 9kw HSD HSK63F
Spindle speed 24,000rpm
Inverter power 11kw Delta
Auto Tool Change 10 Position Rotary Type
Drive motors YASKAWA 850
Lubrication System Manual Central Lubrication, Automatic Option Available.
Working voltage AC380V/50-60Hz, 3-phase
Options Drill Bank, Side and Vertical Drilling, Aggregate Heads, Rotary 4th Axis, Auto Infeed/Outfeed. Bespoke Machines designed and built to customer requirements.


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