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Aerospace Tooling

Aerospace Tooling

Tooling for Riveting Operations


Wedgelock Cylindrical Body Rivet Clamps
High Quality pliers/power/hand operated rivet clamps that can be speedily inserted and removed whilst ensuring uniform clamp loads.
Most common sizes available from stock.
New cylindrical body clamps now available for use in composites or metal structures for manual or robot installations.

Aerospace Tooling : Wedgelock Cylindrical Body Rivet clamps

Rivet Sets
ATA manufactures and stocks a wide range of snaps to suit most types of rivet airframe applications and general engineering.
Available in a variety of shank options to suit all types of riveting tools.

Rivet Hammers
A range of recoilless and conventional hammers meeting virtually all riveting requirements from light fabrication to shipbuilding.

Aerospace Tooling : Rivet Sets

Compression Riveters
Portable C yoke and Alligator jaw models. The tandem cylinder models are light and easy to handle and will set rivets up to 3/16" diameter.

Compression Riveters

Rivet Milling Tools and Cutters
A range of 3 different types of milling tool with a variety of cutters for milling aluminium, stainless steel, monel and titanium fasteners enables ATA to provide a solution to most rivet milling problems.


Fastener Installation Tooling

Visu-lok / Composilok
Hand and power operated tools and accessories to suit all sizes of these fasteners up to 1/4" diameter.
2 Piece Fasteners.


Nosepieces for Lock-Bolt Fasteners
A range of nosepieces only for installing or splitting collars on lock-bolt fasteners. The nosepieces are suitable for most popular types of power tool i.e. G-85 etc.


Visu-lok / Composilok

Nosepieces for Lock-Bolt Fasteners

Aerospace & Commercial Installation Fastener Tools

GAGE BILT has provided Riveting Solutions and Industrial Fastener Tools since 1956. Please call us to find the solution for your industry



GAGE BILT : Aerospace & Commercial Installation Fastener Tools

Countersinking & Spot-Facing

Countersink Cages & Cutters
Cutters are offered in conjunction with cages for countersinking aluminium, stainless steel and titanium.

Precision micro-stop cages feature - 0.0005" adjustment plus secondary locking to maintain consistent depth control - rugged construction ensuring long life and reliability over many countersinking operations - and a range of nosepieces to suit varying applications. Cages are available with imperial or metric internal spindle threads.


Countersink Cages & Cutters

Countersink cutters are available with integral and removable pilots. The standard countersink angle is 100 Degrees, but other angles can be supplied to order.

Back Spotface Cutters / Back Countersink Cutters
Available with locking pilots for back countersinking and spotfacing in aluminium, stainless steel and titanium.

Angle Drill Attachments and Collets
Right angle and offset drilling attachments designed for use with conventional drills in areas of limited access. Offered with collets and drill adaptors to suit most common drill sizes.

Tab Shears, Power Drills and Weld Shavers

Tab Shear
A portable pneumatic shear for efficiently removing router tabs and location lugs from aluminium, steel, titanium and stainless steel.


Tab Shear

Positive Feed Power Drills
High quality precision tools offered in a variety of configurations up to 3/4" diameter capacity in aluminium with 1.1/4" countersink diameter and depth control. The right angle drive tools allow drilling operations in areas where access is restricted.



Weld Shavers
Portable tools with micro-depth control for precision weld shaving on all materials and back gouging (non ferrous material only). They are particularly suitable for those applications requiring precision plus a good surface finish for subsequent X-Ray examination and crack detection.


Weld Shaver



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